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     The Assessor’s Office is pleased to announce the new online resource tool for locating parcel ownership in Washington County.  The property lines are not survey grade, so they should not be construed as exact and are subject to an ever-changing database.  To obtain a more accurate outline of your property, please consult a licensed surveyor.  Below are the steps needed to access this tool:

·         Go to

·         Click on Resources - Public Access - Interactive Land Parcel Map.

·         Here you are presented with an aerial image, including the outline of Washington County. You can use the magnifier tool to zoom to a specific area on the map, then use the “i” (information) tool to click and drag and navigate the county.  Once you have located the property you wish to identify, simply click on the map and the ownership information is populated on the right-hand side of the screen.  Several fields are present, as well as tabs for “Sales Data” and “Imagery.”  You will also see a button for “Assessment Detail,” which will contain information in a printable format.

·         You may also use the “Tabular Search” function to search by Owner Name, Account Number, Subdivision, Street Address, or Section, Township and Range.

·         Click the Tab labeled “Tabular Search” and enter the known information in the appropriate field and click “Search.”  Results will appear in a list below and you may scroll through those records, then click on the record line of your choice.  The fields on the right are again populated and you now have the option of clicking the “Map Image” tab and view the aerial image for the property in question or print/view the “Assessment Detail.”

·         Using the “Sale Search” tab, you can enter sale dates, and/or subdivisions to find comparable properties in a neighborhood, narrowing the results with the various filters included on that page.  Again, once you complete your search you can print the “Assessment Detail” using the button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

      The Assessor’s Office is delighted to provide this tool for the residents of Washington County.  Please keep in mind, this information is ever-changing and is updated as time allows.  These records are maintained and updated by the Assessor’s Office, but should be verified for accuracy by the property owner.


                                                            Todd Mathes

                                                            Washington County Assessor

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