County Clerk

Annette Smith
Washington County Clerk

400 S Johnstone

Room 100

Bartlesville, OK 74003

Office: (918) 337-2840

Purchasing: (918) 337-2845

Land Records: (918) 337-2834

Fax: (918) 337-2894


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The County Clerk serves as the register of deeds and custodian of records for the County. The County Clerk also serves as the secretary to several boards, including the Board of County Commissioners, the County Excise Board, the County Board of Equalizations, and the Board of Tax Roll Corrections.

The County Clerk reviews all the claims for payment of goods and services purchased or contracted by the County, and prepares the proper warrants for payment of those goods and services and the County payroll. The County Clerk, or one's designated deputy, serves as the purchasing agent for the County. This system is a means to ensure the public that tax dollars are being spent appropriately.

Various records, within the different County offices are classified as "open records". As such, they can be reviewed and mechanically copied by the public.

Registrar of Deeds Purchasing Agent Public Access
Judicial Center
420 S. Johnstone ave. bartlesville, ok 74003
courthouse administration building
400 S. Johnstone ave. bartlesville, ok 74003
correctional facility
611 SW Adams blvd. bartlesville, ok 74003